Nestled in the heart of the Gulch, part of downtown Nashville, a quaint coffeeshop known as Bond Coffee Company exists. It’s got a living room atmosphere, and can usually be quiet, except for the mornings when most of the tenants from Icon above swoop down for their jolt of caffeine to start the day. It fits the modern day aesthetic that one comes to expect when venturing into any number of coffee shops, with a bit more home flavor to make it feel just right.


Your best time to visit would likely be 1-4PM weekdays, if you’re looking to get some work done in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. The location houses about 20 people comfortably, across from Sambuca and right around the corner from the brand new Google Fiber Space.

It’s the summer, so the name of the game is iced coffee. Their iced latte is one of the best: a smooth, creamy, less bold counterpart to other shops around town. Our barista Richard is an experimentalist, trying out new things with drinks on a weekly basis. He highly recommends his iced cuban when you come and visit. Bond’s coffee is supplied by Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting Company, located in St. Louis, Missouri.


If you’re in the mood for something sweet, you can also grab their delicious ice cream, one of the only shops in Nashville that do not only coffee, but sweet treats as well. High Road Craft makes their ice cream from scratch and brings it into Nashville by way of Marietta, Georgia.

A family-owned shop, the creators of Bond have allowed for the community of the Gulch to find a great place to meet, share, and recharge. Every time you walk in, you’re bound to be greeted by a smiling face and a barista ready to brew up your favorite drink.

Swing by and grab a latte using your 12oz subscription, proudly accepted at Bond Coffee Company

602 12th Avenue South, Nashville, TN