A 12oz Saturday may look something this…

You wake up. Meet a friend at a local coffee shop in East Nashville. After lingering there over couple cups, you walk around and wander into a trendy sandwich shop. As your friend leaves after lunch, you remember you have to get to a quick business meeting at a café near the gulch. Almost without noticing you gulp down three cups of coffee while your co-worker spits out formal business jargon. After the meeting is over, you grab a dinner with friends then head back home to watch Netflix and steadily fall asleep. As you fall asleep you smile knowing that the only thing you sent money on all day was your food.

If you are person that wakes up in the morning and your first thought is coffee. Or if you wander occasionally if you feel a bit over-caffienated because of drinking too many cups of joe during the day. Or maybe you just love going to coffee shops because it feels right to you. Or if you are a young business professional that is constantly doing meetings over coffee. Or if you are simply just a coffee person. 12oz might be your thing.

12oz is a monthly subscription to unlimited local coffee. Making our start in Nashville, we are very excited to become apart of this growing coffee family in the music city. We love local coffee and the ways it can affect a city.

To us…
Coffee brings community.
Community creates culture.
Culture makes a city.

We are very thankful for local coffee owners and baristas that are fueling city’s culture everywhere. We simply just want to help them in the process. We are coffee nerds trying to mix technology with local 12oz cups.

Go download the app and have a cup on us.