So happy to announce that Revelator Coffee, Nashville’s new hopping coffee shop, is apart of the 12oz community. If you aren’t excited about this, then you probably just do not like coffee.

Having shops in five different locations across the south in New Orleans, Atlanta, Birmingham, Chattanooga, and now Nashville, Revelator is making a huge name for itself. The coffee shop had all the local Nashville coffee addict’s attention last month during their opening when they invited the public for free coffee for two days. If you missed it, well…sorry!

Located in the heart of Hillsboro Village, this coffee shop is going to be one of Nashville’s best spots for a cup of joe. If you are a geek about coffee equipment, well they have that covered with the Slayer Espresso machine and custom made stoneware from Louisville. If you are into the coffee experience, well the aesthetic is perhaps the best part. Covered with white walls and stone finishes, says, “We believe that a great coffee experience is about more than great coffee alone. It’s about warm, inviting and functional spaces. It’s about community and friendly, skilled baristas. It’s about ritual and everyday luxury. It’s a rounded experience.”

We are so excited for you to have bottomless coffee from Revelator!

Also, now when you download the 12oz app you receive your first three cups for free! So maybe you can use that at Revelator?