New Series: The Details

We’re starting a new series here at the 12oz blog. We know you like coffee. (If you don’t, why are you here?) There’s so many places to visit for your cup of joe that it can get daunting to figure out the best place for your needs at the time. This series aims to fix this. […]

Why do we tip?

Worth a quick listen. Planet Money from NPR on why we tip. Tipping originated in the 16th century as a way to get in front of a line at a busy coffee shop. Long live coffee!

Ripple Maker

An interesting new take on latte art. Latte meet the internet. Place the cup on the machine, select an image from the extensive content library or approve your customer’s created design. Your Ripple prints in just seconds. More art can be seen over on Ripple’s Instagram. More discussion over on Product Hunt.  

Revelator Coffee

So happy to announce that Revelator Coffee, Nashville’s new hopping coffee shop, is apart of the 12oz community. If you aren’t excited about this, then you probably just do not like coffee. Having shops in five different locations across the south in New Orleans, Atlanta, Birmingham, Chattanooga, and now Nashville, Revelator is making a huge […]

Coffee by the Numbers

Square put together a nice summary of coffee usage across the United States today for #NationalCoffeeDay. From Square: Coffee is near and dear to our hearts here at Square. Not only do we drink a ton of it but also some of the first businesses to use Square were local San Francisco coffee shops. So […]