We’re proud to be launching 12oz in Nashville. Music City has the perfect mix of Southern hospitality, tight-knit community, and coffee culture. Each part of town has a distinct flavor. West End, East Nashville, 12th South, Germantown, Brentwood, and Franklin—no matter where you live, work, or play, 12oz will have your favorite brews waiting.

Why did we pick Nashville? Several reasons:

  1. A great coffee culture.
  2. A growing population.
  3. Several of us call it home.

The culture of Nashville, music city USA, feels very much founded on coffee. Call us dulusional, call us confused, but we like to think we are on to something. We truly believe that it has to do something with the musical roots of the city. Somehow coffee seems like a critical element to incubating great music. And the best music seems to curate better coffee all around the city. Coffee is important everywhere, and in every city, no question there; but in the music space it seems to fuel a unique creative synergy.

Coffee + Music = ✌️

Nashville is on the grow, I’m sure you’ve heard the stats, about 80 new people are moving here every day. That means a lot of good things for this city, and in our opinion at least 3 of those are sure things: the growth of business, more coffee, and better technology. The cool thing is, we dig all 3 of those, hence why we thought a coffee app founded in Nashville Tennssee would be a good use of our time.

Several of us on the founding team call Nashville home, so naturally, building a business at home makes a lot of sense. Not all of our companies have been Nashville based though, technology can be built for anywhere, so having the privilege of building something unique for this city is pretty damn cool.