After nearly a year’s worth of ongoing construction to the city’s popular downtown shopping center, The Gulch finally welcomes its newest coffeeshop: Killebrew Coffee. Nestled right in the heart of Nashville’s high end stores and restaurants, the location is an extension of Marsh House, the southern seafood restaurant connected to the new Thompson Hotel.

Albeit small, Killebrew brings the feeling of New York to the south, with a bit of southern flavor of its own added. With a clean, modern feel embracing the wall decor and white espresso machine, the addition of the white symmetry on the floors immediately reminds of another favorite spot, Toby’s Estate in New York City. With a simple menu for coffee and minimal offerings for pastries, the new shop prides itself on what it does well, and doesn’t offer a ton of splash because it doesn’t have to.

Roasting Revelator Coffee night and day, Killebrew impresses with their basic latte, consisting of a nutty flavor added to a slight bitterness, blending with a creamy finish to make it one of the better drinks in town. The cold brew is richer than most, likely due to the stronger concentrate nature of Revelator’s blends, and the Cuban is less sweet than usual. If you like a little more punch in your coffee for the morning, this is the place to be.

If you’re looking for a prime stop in the Gulch to get some work done, be aware that the mornings are busier than most. The walking traffic from the numerous apartment buildings surrounding the shop make it a prime destination for a quick in and out, and the seating is very minimal. Wifi is provided by the hotel but you’ll need to be staying there to use it or pay up. Killebrew does its best if you’re stopping in briefly for a quick, good cup of coffee before settling into your meetings for the day, or even just simple people watching.

Killebrew Coffee: 401 11th Avenue South, Nashville, Tennessee