When you first walk into Honest Coffee Roasters, nestled inside The Factory in Franklin, Tennessee, rustic is the word that will come to mind. From the giant roasting machine right at the front entrance, to the brick walls that surround the coffee bar, the atmosphere is one of a place that you could easily call home. The small location includes a pour-over station as well, and outside seating for those sunshine-filled days.


The traffic on a weekday is mixed, depending on how many people are exploring the various shops littered around The Factory. While there isn’t a ton of space to sit and work if you’re a freelancer, there are plenty of other locations within the rest of the entire building where you can get some work done. Additionally, on a less than busy day, the large table in the middle is a perfect place for coworking.

Honest recently started serving nitro cold brew on tap, and their batch is a bit sweeter than the other shops around town featuring the new style of coffee. Made with their signature small-batch Sumatra blend, the coffee brew stays foamy longer than most, and really brings the nutty flavors out, with a hint of dark chocolate. The Up & Up is recommended as well, a seasonal drink that is a unique take on the coffee soda, but infused with lemon. It’s a refreshing, tart blend of flavors, great for the end of the hot summer.


Honest cares about the beauty and art of the craft, and the menu is simple, as intended. The basics are always available, as well as one or two seasonal drinks on a regular basis, and a few pastries, all while accepting 12oz and ApplePay for quick ordering. No frills, no extras, just the liquid goodness you’re always looking for.


A unique aspect of Honest Coffee is the feature of subscriptions of their batches of single-origin coffees. For the snobbiest of coffee snobs, this will get you roasts that might not appear on their website for ordering or even in the shop. If that sounds like it’s right up your alley, check out the subscription at their website.

In addition to the flagship location in Franklin, you can also get Honest Coffee inside of Franklin Juice Co., located in 12 South, near midtown Nashville.

Franklin Juice Co.: 2301 12th Ave. South, Nashville, TN 37204

Honest Coffee Roasters: 230 Franklin Road, Franklin, TN 37064