Ever thought you’d want to grab a coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and catch a show all at the same place? Family Wash has you covered. Just need a coffee and then a show? Garage Coffee has that down. Two locations around town that give you everything you need to survive. Well, almost. That’s a staple of Nashville works, which seems to run solely on their local coffee brewers and the plethora of concerts and events.

Garage Coffee Company, located inside the sprawling urban development of Marathon Village, home of Marathon Motor Works, features a large menu of specialty drinks made by the baristas, a small offering of food, and your typical shop finds. One standout is the layered iced cappuccino, made with honey, vanilla, and a splash of espresso bite. It’s a sweet, yet not overpowering drink that can be enjoyed any day. Since we’re coming into the start of the hot, hot summer of the city, the iced coffee is less bitter than most around town, with less of a bold flavoring, and still satisfies. The orange mocha is a fan favorite, combining the flavors of orange zest with dark chocolate.

Roasting out of New Jersey, Garage sources beans from Ethiopia, Peru, Brazil, and Columbia. During the day you’ll run into a lot of tourists checking out the art galleries and museum features of Marathon Motor Works, just be aware they close at 6PM. Shows go on nightly at Marathon Music Works right now the block, so you can grab a quick caffeine buzz before your favorite band rocks the Nashville stage. The rustic features of old signs and car parts gives this location a lot of heart, and fits in nicely with the rest of the area.

The location at Marathon is small, with just enough room for about 10-15 people, while The Family Wash location is tied in with the restaurant, offering a full dining room, bar, and coffee shop seating in the front. The patio is a great spot as well, giving you a view to east Nashville and a straight shot downtown.

The East Nashville location features nitro cold brew on tap, some of the creamiest and smooth tasting I’ve had in town. They kick a new keg often, so it keeps the coffee fresh each and every time. Never had a bad cup. Walkable to Five Points and the Fatherland shops, it’s ideally located for the hipster part of town. Family Wash has the feeling when you walk in that you’ve been there before, even if it’s your first time. Being a regular makes it feel even more like home, even down to the point they have an item on their menu just for that: The Usual. It makes you want to come, over and over.

While Garage Coffee in Marathon feels more like a grab and go type of shop, The Family Wash invites you in and makes it hard for you to let go. With the location, it’s easy to get to and isn’t usually packed out unless you’re hitting them on a weekend. On the nicer days, they open up the garage doors for fresh air and warmth, and there’s always someone to see when you walk in. After your coffee, hop on your laptop and work, then stay for nightly music. It really doesn’t get better than that in Nashville.

Garage Coffee Company in Marathon Village: 1200 Clinton Street, #25, Nashville, TN 37203

The Family Wash / Garage Coffee Company: 626 Main Street A, Nashville, TN 37206