Dose is a relatively new player when it comes to coffee in Nashville, opening their first location in West End in 2009. Originally just a small coffeeshop sticking to the basics and doing them well, Dose Coffee has recently expanded their market in Nashville to include the East side. Boasting more of a restaurant and cafe vibe, the coffee is still stellar, with Counter Culture at the helm of the roasting. Simple, yet refined is the name of the game here.

The West End location is primarily for coffee, pastries and features a great space to get work done, if you like being close quarters that is. It’s not always very crowded, but keep in mind this location is close to both Vanderbilt and Belmont campuses, so you’ll see plenty of students grabbing their coffee while camping out for what could seem like the entire day. Featured roasters change each month, but Stumptown makes a frequent appearance at this location.

In contrast, the East Nashville counterpart has a full menu with delicious breakfast items and more open space. Tables alongside a wide open bar give you a front row seat to the pour over station, and it’s great for the cupping events that happen from time to time. If you find the West End location too crowded, you may fair better at this one. Early afternoons during the week tend to be the busiest.

The newest location is in the heart of Riverside Village, so you can hop over to Fond Object and grab a few records after your caffeine fill, or grab a pizza when you leave from Castrillo’s down the block. You may even be in the mood for a great sandwich from Mitchell’s Deli, a staple in the neighborhood for years. Dose has become a perfect compliment to the vast number of restaurants and shops in this tiny, yet bustling part of town.

One standout drink that is exclusive to Dose is their draft iced coffee. Similar in preparation to the nitro cold brew, it’s just their Counter Culture iced coffee via tap, but it gives a new, creamy flavor to the already delicious blend. Spyhouse roasts the beans of choice for the fantastic pour over, while everything else on the menu is Counter Culture. Dose is also ahead of the curve, as coffee cocktails have made a surge in this city, and they’re one of the staples to start offering new mixes of alcohol and coffee. You’ll want to give the Irish coffee classic a taste the next time you visit, trust us.

dose. coffee and tea – West End – 3431 Murphy Road, Nashville, TN 37203

dose. cafe and dram bar – East Nashville – 1400 McGavock Pike, Nashville, TN 37216