A huge part of the 12oz vision is to team up with local coffee shops and help them shape the coffee culture in our city. Here is a list of the coffee shops that are in the 12oz community:

Honest Coffee: Located in Franklin, TN. World class coffee in such a beautiful place with brick walls and old wooden floors. Great vibes, better coffee.

Red Bicycle: With two locations now, in Germantown and the new shop off of Nollensville. Known for coffee and crepes–Red Bike is one of the most chill atmospheres for hanging and the casual brunch.

Garage Coffee: Located in Marathon Village. This coffee shop is unique and inviting. Great coffee and something about it make you wanna stay for awhile.

Bond Coffee: A cool family owned shop located in the Gulch. It is quite a cozy place that brings a smile to your face. Great coffee and muffins!

High Brow Brew: The beautiful High Brow Brew is located in Franklin and is know for their crafted coffees and teas. It is a place that has that “good feeling” to it.

The Jam: Off of Wedgewood, it is the little coffee shop that is Nashville’s best kept secret. Known for their small community and good coffee.

Thistle Shop: Located off of Charlotte Ave. Thistle is known for their warm welcoming spirit. It is absolutely a great place for hangs and coffee. You might even grab a bite to eat.

Tin Cup: In the heart of downtown Nashville. Tin Cup brings local to the downtown party. This is a place you can’t miss if you need a good cup of coffee on your walk in the city.

Atmology: Off of West End. Atmology is for the artist/ creatives that think a bit outside the box. It is a unique shop with a whole lot of love and coffee.

Tempered: Hot spot in Germantown where you can get a nice French Press coffee or a good tea. Also if you have a chocolate craving then this would be the place to go.

Uncommon Grounds: Located in Old Hickory Village, Uncommon Grounds is a great place to sit and have a nice cup of joe. Personal favorite is the Latte.

We are very excited about these coffee shops and cannot wait to add many more to the 12oz team soon.