The Details: Garage Coffee Company

Ever thought you’d want to grab a coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and catch a show all at the same place? Family Wash has you covered. Just need a coffee and then a show? Garage Coffee has that down. Two locations around town that give you everything you need to survive. Well, almost. That’s a staple […]

The Details: Killebrew Coffee

After nearly a year’s worth of ongoing construction to the city’s popular downtown shopping center, The Gulch finally welcomes its newest coffeeshop: Killebrew Coffee. Nestled right in the heart of Nashville’s high end stores and restaurants, the location is an extension of Marsh House, the southern seafood restaurant connected to the new Thompson Hotel. Albeit […]

The Details: Toby’s Estate Coffee

In the heart of the bustling, iconic streets of New York City, on the much-traveled Fifth Avenue in downtown, lies one of the city’s hidden gems: Toby’s Estate Coffee. Originating in Brooklyn, this small-batch roaster is a fantastic example of the greatness that can be achieved by simply believing that every cup of coffee tells […]

The Details: Barista Parlor

If you’ve heard of any coffee shops in Nashville, you likely know Barista Parlor. Established in 2011 and widely known as the originator of the hipster coffeeshop, the first location still sits in the heart of Five Points in East Nashville, as the urban growth of the area has expanded over the years. Surrounded by […]

The Details: Honest Coffee Roasters

Rustic. When you first walk into Honest Coffee Roasters, nestled inside The Factory in Franklin, Tennessee, rustic is the word that will come to mind. From the giant roasting machine right at the front entrance, to the brick walls that surround the coffee bar, the atmosphere is one of a place that you could easily […]